14"x11" pen and ink/watercolor, unframed


Description of Turpentine Mill – 11 x 14 Giclee

Traveling along 75N, I stopped on exit 63 from some gas. I noticed a plantation from the road and asked the clerk for some info. Turns out this is the exit for the Agrirama. A must see for anybody having a day to kill in yesteryear. The museum of agriculture is amazing, of course, but the real joy was to be found in this city of old buildings. There was the working print shop, and they let me turn a few pages, the dentist office (no one on duty!) and a fully stocked Mercantile.

And then there was this, a working turpentine mill, which still produces the majority of non baseball rosin in our country.

Captured with traditional pen and in are the fabulous brick and wood in this beautiful old building. Right down to the barrels (created there on the plantation), the artist spent over 120 hours on this lovely piece. Finished with washes of ink and watercolor, the star shines with the brickwork of the oven