11"x14" Ink and watercolor, unframed


Description of The Path – 11 x 14 Giclee

The path is the first piece in which I incorporated watercolor and ink washes into my traditional pen and ink.  I found the lovely tea room in Mount Dora, Florida called the Garden Gate. Years of love went into this beautiful arbor and my camera caught it in full bloom and on a sunny day at the right time of the afternoon. It took 5 days in Mount Dora to get my perfect shot – lovely days spent touring this charming town with its quaint and friendly restaurants.

I call this this “The Path” because it presented a path to a new look in my art, especially the use of ink wash and pencil. And discovering that less is sometimes more.

NOTE: Sadly the Garden Gate was torn down for another restaurant. The arch is all that physically remains. As this drawing took 94 hours to create, I will hold that perfect day and the month or two doing the drawing dear to me. And the Garden Gate will be with me forever.