Pen & Ink, Pencil, Colored Ink, unframed


Description of She Calls Me… 11 x 14 Giclee

We have all felt that emotion. The power of the sea that makes us kick off our shoes, roll up our jeans and wade in to at least half calf. It was in Pensacola, Fl that I saw my daughter wearing these shoes, exact replicas of the ones I wore as a “youngster”. The lightbulb went on and we both headed for the beach for an impromptu photo session. It took less than a week before I started this drawing and when I did it took only 3 weeks. (78 hours). It was an instant hit and now I look out for the perfect shoes during my travels.

Created with pencil, pen & ink with just a hit of colored ink on the sneakers. This one practically drew itself as it was just such an embedded memory…