14"x11" pen and ink/watercolor, unframed


Description of School’s Out Forever – 11 x 14 Giclee

Found in St. Augustine, Florida, and a part of the very oldest school ever built in this country. This 1700’s lunch room was attached to the main building and houses the old cookery and furniture used in 1792.

I enjoyed this little school yard. It was a very cool crisp day and I was alone during this photoshoot and it was very peaceful. It gave me a chance to notice the old chain holding up the chimney making it even more vital to capture everything in this courtyard perfectly.

The black and white portions of the drawing are done with pen and ink only. Because of the intricacies in this building, I layed this out with pencil first making some changes along the way. Such as exaggerating that chain just slightly and moving the pottery just a bit.

I finished this one with opaque watercolor. Though a little different than my signature pop of one color, this one just seemed to cry out for just a bit more.