11.00"x14.00" pencil, pen and ink, unframed


Description of Atlanta from Piedmont Park – 11 x 14 Giclee

My most detailed drawing “Perspectives from Piedmont” was one of my greatest joys. I remember having seen this view from an art show here in Atlanta. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was mine to be drawn. I photographed each of the buildings with closeups and on different days until I had all the reference photos to really do Atlanta justice. I did go to that very site for much of this work and you can see remnants of 3 seasons from those visits. The US Flag and the Georgia Flag were both flown on a few days so I included our country’s flag as my hit of color. As our state flags has gone through so many changes, I elected to omit that one. Several drawing methods were used in this finely detailed work of Atlanta as seen from Piedmont Park.

Pencil was used for the sky, ink wash for the shadows in the foreground, and signature pen & ink used for the lovely stonework and the city of Atlanta. Colored ink – delivered by speedball dip pen finished the flag.