8.00"x6.00" pen and ink, unframed


Description of Honey – Bee Still (Giclee)

Giclee fine art reproduction on handsome elegance paper.. White Acid free matt, mounted on 11 x 14 acid free gator board complete with certificate of authentication. Hand signed and numbered by artist. Hand titled. Limited edition of 200

Copyright 2011. All of the kudos for the photograph that served as the drawing go to a photographer named Charlie Wrenn. He captured this sweet honey bee one morning just as the dew was coming out and some of the petals just unfolding. I have never drawn from “outside” photos and thank Charlie for taking this photo and posting it so that I could use it for this soft soft pen and ink of a softly walking honeybee, among the undisturbed morning due. Notice that she is keeping a sharp eye out. Over 40 hours of extreme pointillism created the translucent wings and dew drops that look wet!