14"x11" pencil & inks


Description of General Mill – 11 x 14 Giclee

Found in  the very small town of Causeyville, Misssissippi, this tiny grain store was open and just filled with amazing experiences. The old woman who ran this store was definitely nearing 100 but spry as hell as she showed us her treasures. The old (I mean old) antique pianos in the back in beautiful condition. The ghost pictures from the way pre digital ago, the old fashioned penny candy and the pickle barrel were treats, too but our favorite was the cheese….

She had a small deli and, as they ground the wheat for the bread out back, it had to be fresh and it has been a long photoshoot for this Old Store. She sliced the beef and the bread and then pulled out the provolone cheese. As she lay her knife through it, you could see the cream squirting out!

Done in my early career, this General Store was in pen and ink with the old Texaco sign in ink