Artist Statement

by Marjorie Bowers in Uncategorized

I think of my work as my effort to preserve a little bit of historic America one drawing at a time. I love this country and I love to draw. For me it was destiny that these two passions would one day collide.


I travel extensively throughout our country finding old buildings, mills, ghost towns and such to photograph for later composition. I take a lot of time to make sure that the sun is just right, the shadows strong and elegant and the composition is perfect. All of my landscapes are drawn in portrait style and I love to capture a background, foreground and middle ground.


Utilizing pen and ink is ideal for my “perfectionist” nature. There is no forgiveness in this medium – one wrong line and the drawing is ruined. For some reason, that threat appeals to my adventurous side. Pen and ink also allows me to use millions of strokes in creating a photo realistic drawing. It allows me to bring beauty to the smallest nuances of nature such as a tree root or the grain of wood. It also lets me put forth the deep shadows and detail I want in order for my drawing to be worthy of the subject. It takes me hours upon hours (sometimes over 100!)to complete a drawing – all the while being in the world of yesterday – doing the thing I love best – Preserving our Heritage.

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