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Tifton Turpentine Mill - Georgia

I started a new pen and ink drawing today of the above photograph. I took the shot in Tifton, Georgia at the Agrirama. I totally found this lovely old village by accident on a recent trip to Florida. They had some really cool old buildings such as an old general store, antique print shop, doctors office and this beauty. This is a working mill which still produces rosin. The rosin barrels are made right on the property very near the working iron shop. If anyone is ever in Tifton or even close, you have to stop at this property if only to see the 1800s buildings - tons of them, too.
On top of this, there is a very modern museum on the premises as well. The personnel are among the best I have ever seen. In fact, one gentleman gave me and another family a tour of the working print shop and let me catch newspapers off the very old but very working press. I guess all those years working around AT&Ts graphics and reproduction department were not in vain!
Look for the drawing at the end of May!

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