Marjorie Bowers and her husband Carl are residents of Lilburn Georgia. The couple spend several months a year RV-ing across the country. Traveling with her "house" gives Marjorie time to seek out unique and interesting photo opportunities for later use in her pen and ink drawings. Sometime she goes back to the same site at different times of day looking for that strong light and shadow that build the body and spirit of the work. Her passion is old forgotten landscapes, ghost towns and old mills. The unbelievable precision and attention to detail in her drawings sets them apart from the rest. 

Marjorie is a newcomer to the art world having entered her first contest in 2010. At age 53, she has raised two children, maintained a fabulous job as an exhibit designer for AT&T and then later formed her own exhibit fabrication company. Her 3D work can be seen at the GWCC, the Georgia Dome and in many corporate environments.

During her life she completed a few drawings along the way but only started
drawing in earnest in the last few years. Spurred on by the tragic loss of her
youngest child in 2006, Marjorie found a renewed sense of purpose and peace
while drawing after that difficult time. She honors her daughter, Kelly
O'Malley, in all of her drawings by placing a small shamrock with a
"K" attached. See if you can find it!
Since May of 2010, Marjorie Bowers work has been accepted at the following shows: